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GWF Climate Action Hub

Your guide to climate action & activism.

Climate change won't just impact forest, or coral reefs, or even people in far-off countries – it will affect all of us. Tackling climate change is fundamentally necessary to create a regenerative world where people and nature thrive.

How to find your climate story

We all have one, and identifying yours is the first step in becoming an advocate for climate action.

Climate books to read

Reading is such a powerful tool to learn more. Here are some of the most loved & must reads in the climate space.

Climate movies to watch

Documentaries have the power to inform, empower and inspire. Here are some favourites on the natural world & climate crisis.

Carbon calculators and other tools

Count how much carbon footprint you are setting off.

Where to go next: Activism & advocacy

Climate movements & organizations to support and join.

Where to go next: The science

To learn more on the science of climate change.

Environmental accounts to follow on Instagram

Top accounts you should follow to get updated on environmental related topics, activism & posts.

Free Climate Education Resources

Climate education plays a first big role in climate action. Here are some resources you can commit to learn more about our planet.

Individual actions to tackle the climate crisis

17 individual steps you can take if you're feeling overwhelmed.

How to identify your own unique climate solutions

A step-to-step guide to finding intersectional climate actions & solutions.

An action plan: what you can do from now until 2050

Things you can do from now as a climate advocate.

Regenerative action: Morals to guide your activism

Important morals to value in your climate journey.

Climate Advocacy Zones

A chart to identify your progress and current activism zones in the climate movement.

How to talk about climate change

5 tips from the front lines.

Waste management companies & platforms

Sustainable waste & recycling management companies/platforms in Indonesia that you can donate your waste to.

Zero waste store directory

Planning on starting a zero waste & sustainable lifestyle? We have the perfect list of zero waste shops & eco-grocers in Indonesia to help you get started!

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