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Movie Discussion: Cowspiracy

An insightful and brief webinar uncovering the secrets behind the meat industry and sustainability showcased in the underrated documentary: Cowspiracy, followed by tips and tricks about adjusting to the Vegan World by Olivina Maskan and Fiza Khan.

GWFestival 01 - Zero Waste, Climate Change and Plastic Pollution

A two-day online webinar workshop that seeks to educate about various current climate & environmental issues and how they can contribute to the situation from the perspectives of various environmental change makers.

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Webinar: A Sustainable Lifestyle in Indonesia

A mini workshop webinar highlighting the importance of education in fighting the climate crisis with three critical sessions about Veganism, Sustainability & Fast Fashion as well as  equipping them with practical steps they can take to create change.

GYT #1: Breaking the Myths of Climate Change & Activism

GYT will be featuring young, inspirational activists and their youth-led causes every month in a dialogue to showcase changemaking for a sustainable future as well as inspiring YOU to become a changemaker; with this season’s theme - Breaking the Myths of Climate Change & Activism

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GWFestival 02 - A Fight for our Climate Future

Advancing from GWFestival 01, GWFestival 02 is Green Welfare Indonesia’s second virtual go-green educational webinar workshop containing interactive panel discussions and educational single-presentations from Youth Speakers and Experts. The theme for this season’s festival is “A Fight for Our Climate Future” striving to shed light on environmental protection, intersectional environmentalism, responsible consumption and achieving a sustainable future.

Seaspiracy: Movie Screening & Discussion

In collaboration with Jakarta Vegan Guide, Tune in to our movie screening of the newly released ocean-focused documentary "Seaspiracy" to explore the deep shocking secrets of oceanic unsustainability and the post panel discussion to hear our panelists talk about their experiences, activism, their knowledge regarding oceanic destruction, as well as how YOU can make a change to rebuild our oceans. Remember, a healthy ocean means a healthy planet!

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The Intersection of Environmental Protection & Women

A virtual panel exploring the depths of Intersectionality between Environmental Protection and Women's role in Climate policy and solutions making along with discovering the importance of pertaining an eco-friendly Feminine Health. Ladies, this one's for you!

GWF Earth Day 2021 Environmental Education Initiative: School Version

In honor of Earth Day 2021, Green Welfare has visited 20+ local schools virtually around the greater area of Jakarta to teach fundamental and basic environmental education to classrooms and students about our alarming climate emergency and how they can contribute individually as students.

See list of schools we visited

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GYT #2: The Future of Youth Entrepreneurship in Eco-businesses

In the path way to net-zero emissions, championing young leaders to shift to a more sustainable economical supply chain as well as prioritising environmental development is crucial. How can we refocus youth entrepreneurship in eco-businesses to be the future of green economy?

Fostering Sustainable Activism in the Climate Movement: Overcoming Anxiety & Burnouts

“Fostering Sustainable Activism in the Climate Movement: Overcoming Anxiety & Burnouts,” is a collaborative webinar organized by With YOUth ID together and Green Welfare Indonesia. The first session highlighted the speaker’s personal journey and breakthrough of becoming an activist in their prospective movements followed with an interactive discussion revolving the anxiety & burnouts that they have experienced and how they got around their ups and downs.

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UN Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogue: The Role of Youths in building a Regenerative Food Systems

An independent dialogue convened by Green Welfare Indonesia in the pathway of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 with two keynote sessions showcasing how we can build a regenerative food systems and the role of youths in the process, followed by a youth panel session to spark conversations and inputs around the UNFSS's Action Tracks.

GYT #3: Gerakan Menuju Sekolah yang Ramah Lingkungan

Green YOUth Talks #3 talks about the urgency and importance in implementing environmental friendly schools in this determining era and aims to create a space for young student council leaders to discuss their roles in shifting their schools to become more eco-friendly.

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GYT #4: The Role of Youths in Maximizing Indonesia's COP26 Climate Commitments

With the recent 26th UN Conference of Parties concluding this year, Green YOUth Talks #4 sheds upon Indonesia's NDC Targets and pledges made in COP26 as well as the nation's plan in achieving these targets through Green Sukuk. Moreover, GYT #4 also touched upon the role of young people in pushing local governments to meet the COP26 and NDC Targets they have pledged during the political negotiations.