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About Us

Turning Goodwill Into Action

After realising the many cruel exploitations to animals for the sake of human consumption followed up with large carbon footprints in the proceedings; and the countless 19.4 million homeless people in our country who are still going overnight with striking hunger pains, Green Welfare Indonesia tends to make an impact to overcome these ongoing issues that are occurring in our country today. Established in 2020, Green Welfare Indonesia is a youth-led organization driven by compassion and a strong foundation of goodwill that strives on the social and environmental sector. Since our launch, Green Welfare has committed to 3 prime three goals from the UN Sustainable Goals, to End hunger, Climate Action and ensure Responsible Consumption. Green Welfare Indonesia also aims to promote sustainable agriculture and provide environmental education including eco-friendly lifestyles to encourage youths and millennials to undergo a more responsible diet as well as executing other go-green projects that advocates for carbon neutrality.

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Refugee Camp Distribution - July
Refugee Camp Distribution - July


“To become a compassionate organization to the less fortunate and to give back to mother nature by conserving its beings and environment”

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Our missions at Green Welfare Indonesia come in three parts:

To spread environmental education among the youths of Indonesia as a course of action to protect our climate future and be more eco-conscious.

To promote sustainable and environmental friendly consumption lifestyles for the benefit of the environment, specifically on raising awareness about the link in animal agriculture and climate change, as well as to promote sustainable urban agriculture.

To motivate the youth to contribute back to society by spreading awareness of issues that plague our community and to inspire them to take action on important issues that are occurring in the world.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals Green Welfare is focusing on:

End Hunger

Climate Action

Responsible Consumption and Production

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