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How to identify your own unique climate solutions

First step: What Identities you hold?

Your ethnicity, culture, beliefs, values and sexuality.

Before we take action on climate, we must ask ourselves "What makes us who we are?" The lenses, perspectives and identities we hold can powerfully shape the action we take.

Second step: What Brings You Joy?

What gives you life? What gets you up in the morning?

Climate solutions that bring joy, community and connection are the most sustainable and beautiful of forces. So, don't go the road alone and don't get lost in the doom and gloom.

Third Step: What Are You Good At?

What are your talents, special skills, network, resources & privileges?

Often we think that the only way we can advocate for climate is by marching in a rally or donating money. While those things are great, chance are that you have many other talents and skills you can use as tools to take action.

Fourth Step: What Needs To Be Done?

What's the work that's available to me and only me?

What are the climate and social justice solutions that are possible? What is the work that needs doing and is very necessary?

Fifth Step: What Are The Communities You're Part Of?

As intersectional humans, we are a part of many ecosystems.

Truth is, you likely have access to spaces that other never will. Your unique relationship to those spaces and the people in them will lead to solutions that are hyper local and change minds in places that other people cannot reach. Maybe it's using your knowledge of agriculture in your rural town to create change. Maybe it's slowly, over time, opening a parent's or pastor's or boss's mind to the reality of climate change.

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