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are the most important thing to our farm. They help keep the soil healthy. They turn the garbage into fertile dirt. Their bodies enrich the soil and help plants grow. On our farm we have chickens, bees, pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, cats and dogs. We also grow sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, melons and herbs. We don’t always get to eat everything we grow, but we sure do enjoy it! Our farm supports a school garden, a vacation Bible school, a bee hive and so much more. There is so much more to our farm. But at the moment I’m talking about our chickens. They are the main focus of our farm. In June when our friend Elmer died, there were a few chickens left behind. We brought them home to keep them comfortable and to help them find a new home. Our little chickens needed a safe place to roam. They needed clean fresh grass to play in and water to drink. We tried to keep them close so they would feel safe. We knew Elmer would have done the same. Elmer loved all creatures great and small. He especially loved our chickens. We decided to let them stay on our farm. They were always there when we needed them. We would go there when we needed them. We decided to let them stay when we wanted them to stay. We had taken them home, had cared for them and loved them. We knew our friend Elmer would have done the same. My farm is a farm of love. It is a farm of happiness and caring. A farm of fun and joy. A farm where I can show the love of my heart and let all the creatures I care about feel safe and happy. And one of the creatures I love is my chickens. They help to make me happy. They give me lots of fun and joy. They teach me patience and diligence. They teach me kindness and love. They teach me respect. They teach me how to give. They teach me to appreciate the beauty around us. They teach me to enjoy simple pleasures like a cup of coffee and sunshine. I care about my farm. I live here. It is my home. It is my loved one. It is my friend. It is my home of love. It is my home. And on my farm I love my chickens




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Freestyle 2: Street Basketball Ativador Download [cheat] batded

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